Variety international has established three core programs which provide the framework for Variety's activities around the world. Within this framework, the local chapter of Variety has established programs that are specific to the needs of children in Hong Kong


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Variety’s Care Program 

delivers critical 


medical equipment and services, healthcare and wellbeing to individual children and children’s organizations, such as children’s hospitals and wards.​


Art Class

Variety’s Freedom Program 

delivers critical 


equipment and services for mobility, independence and social inclusion to individual children and children’s organizations.


Baby After Bath

Variety’s Future Program 

delivers critical


communication equipment and services, education and self-esteem to individual children and children’s organizations.


Variety Butterfly Program

Variety’s Butterfly Program was established in 2016 to provide early assessment and interim treatment of children and adolescents with mental health problems from financially disadvantaged families who do not have the means to seek medical or psychiatric services outside the public health system.

Children suspected to suffer from mental health problems currently have to wait more than a year for clinical assessment in the Government’s public clinics in Hong Kong. If they are diagnosed with autism, attention deficit disorder or other mental health conditions, they have to wait for another 14-15 months on average for treatment at Hong Kong’s public clinics and, in many cases, the waiting time for public psychiatric outpatient services can be as long as three years. Those years can be critical, and treatment often comes too late. 

Variety has recruited a network of psychiatrists to provide early assessment and treatment to qualifying children and adolescents who are awaiting admission for public outpatient treatment services. We also work with other charities to provide counseling and coping skills for families and carers, and we are undertaking an outreach program with schools and community health organizations in an effort to de-stigmatize mental health issues.

To download the Variety Butterfly application form, please click here

Variety Falcon Program

Variety believes that each child is unique and, with proper nurturing and assistance in identifying opportunities, can dream big and go for it. The Variety Falcon Program was launched in the summer of 2019 to help selected young people aged between 16 to 21 to raise their aspirations and develop soft skills which are essential for their self- actualisation. The overall goal is to increase their ability to succeed and help them find their paths to build a productive adulthood.

Falcon offers a 2-year program which focuses on delivering: a) soft skills training, which are essential in boosting self-esteem and confidence; b) a one-to-one mentoring scheme where mentor acts as a role model and passes on career experience and guidance; c) industries knowledge through corporate visits, internships and job shadowing to equip the students with essential skills and broaden their horizons and network.

If you are interested to become Falcon’s mentor, please click here to find out more. If you share our mission and wish to support Falcon Program, please click here. If your corporation shares our mission and wishes to support Falcon Program by way of providing speakers, venue or mentors, please contact our Executive Director & Program Manager, Margaret Wai on 68432100 /




維樂天鷹越計劃為期2年,重點內容包括 :

  1. 提升自我形象及自信心的軟技能培訓

  2. 一對一的友師計劃:友師作為同學的榜樣,並分享其職場經驗

  3. 透過企業參觀、實習機會、及工作影子計劃,增強參加者對不同行業的認識,以裝備同學進入職場,及擴闊他們的視野及網絡。






如你的企業認同我們的使命,並希望透過提供講者、場地或友師以支持鷹越計劃,請與維樂天的行政總監及項且主任Margaret Wai 聯絡 (電話:68432100;電郵

Art in the Children’s Ward

Variety has been working with the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong and another Hong Kong charity, FarGo Foundation, which assists at risk youth by engaging them in street art projects, on a project to brighten up the walls of children’s psychiatric wards in selected public hospitals in Hong Kong with art painted by artists in the FarGo program and in the Variety Butterfly Program.

Measuring Impact

Variety believes that we need to be able to assess the impact of our programs and services, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

It is not just a question of numbers and we cannot change the world overnight. Variety believes that every child matters. We are aiming to move the needle, one child at a time. 

My seven year-old son was diagnosed to have ADHD but we would have to wait
more than two years to see a public psychiatrist. Our family couldn't afford private treatment so I felt quite helpless. We did not know where to find help or what we should do. The Variety Butterfly program has been a great help to our family.”

- Beneficiary Family

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